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1min.care is a POWER challenge for nursing.
The Challenge wants to draw attention to nursing in a positive and easy way using many different stages within our society. The focus is on the audience – this time nurses are the “recipients”.
Of course, all colleagues in the healthcare industry are invited to applaud for their own profession.
Everyone chooses his or her own motivation to applaud.

1min.care encurages and invites

  • to show solidarity to nurses from other professional groups of our society
  • to stand up for unity in their own ranks
  • to pat/tap oneself on the shoulders

The applause of the audience can be a symbol / a sign for

  • recognition
  • appreciation
  • encouragement
  • attention
  • gratitude
  • respect
  • revaluation of the nursing profession
  • awareness and extension of responsibility for the current situation of healthcare, caretakers and cared all over the world


Cooperation with Nursing Now

1min.care and Nursing Now will put their strengths and work together to ensure that nursing is given its deserved value. In the next few weeks you will find out more about it. Be excited!

What is Nursing Now?

Nursing Now is a three-year global campaign run in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization.

Nursing Now is run by a Campaign Board made up of nurses and non-nurses from 16 different countries. The campaign is a programme of the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

Its aim is to raise the status and profile of nursing worldwide.


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One minute of applause is very long! Clapping your hands for a minute for a certain topic releases a lot of emotions. Cheering, laughing, getting up, giving a standing ovation, encouraging each other, looking into the camera supports the applause. We wish you all a lot of joy.

Nursing matters to all of us. Honor to whom honor is due!

1min.care – one minute for nursing.

Give nursing, our nurses and people who are being cared for, 60 seconds of applause for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Duration of the challenge

The goal of the stage challenge is to collect at least 24 hours of applause in a video documentary.
24 hours of applause for nurses who are available to the people 24 hours a day.
The result is 1440 minutes of applause or 1440 times an audience that applauds.
A big goal – we are excited!
The Social Media Challenge is not limited in time.

Who can participate

The participation is absolutely voluntary. Those who do not want to clap in the audience, just do not clap. Of course, standing ovations are welcome.

Everyone. All professional groups, institutions, clubs, families, schools and everybody else who wishes to be a part of it.

The challange is active in two ways


What do you need for this?

To join you need about ten minutes on a stage – a minute of applause is included.

1 “Stage”

1 audience

1min.care stage trailer with the applause countdown

1 Cell phone, or camera for filming

At events, concerts, conventions, congresses and other events where people come together; for example (company) meetings, football stadiums or TV broadcasts.

Play the 1min.care trailer, record one minute of applause and upload it on the website www.1min.care. The submitted videos can be found on the 1min.care YouTube channel.


What do you need for this?

A mobile phone for filming and people applauding for nursing. The place is your choice. At least three or more people should come together.

A few seconds of applause and / or a positive message for nursing, captured in a video and shared on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #1mincare. Each participating group nominates at least two more people / groups for the next video.

This way we create a wave of applause for nursing.

Costs of participation: Just time. No more costs.

Current status

509 minutes from 1440 minutes

Amount of people who have applauded:


Sneak peek of the submitted videos


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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Join now!

Send us your video and be part of the greatest wave of applause for nursing.

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